Hypoid Bevel Gears

Hypoid bevel gears are a type of spiral bevel gears where the axes of the two gears do not intersect. The shape of a hypoid gear is a hyperboloid of revolution, i.e. the pitch surface of a hypoid gear is a hyperbolic surface, as opposed to a spiral bevel gear which is normally conical. The hypoid gear configuration places the pinion gear off-axis relative to the ring gear, which allows the pinion gear to be larger in diameter with more contact area. In hypoid gear design, the pinion and ring gears are always of opposite hands, and the spiral angle of the pinion gear is usually larger than that of the ring gear. 

Product Specifications:

Material40Cr,20CrMnTi,42CrMo or according to customer’s requirements.
AccuracyDIN Class 6, ISO/GB Class 6, AGMA Class 13, JIS Class 2
Heat treatmentQuenching and tempering, gear teeth induction quenching, nitriding, carburizing
ApplicationAutomotive, electronics, textiles, printing, packaging, medical equipment, food processing ,wind power, chemical, and pneumatics
Max O.DMax 800mm

Capabilities of Gears:

ItemBevel gear
Max O.D.800mm
Max Face Width(mm)500
Pressure Angle15°,21.5°,20°,22.5°
Helix Angle35°
Teeth type:Straight,Spiral, Involute
Max DP1.693.18
Max Module(mm)158
AGMA/ DIN LevelDIN Class 8DIN Class 6
Tooth FinishRa 3.2Ra 0.6
Max Helix Angle±22.5°±45°
hypoid gears